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From R180 with 250ml juice
Mini Oval basket with your choice of:

1) Mini Gourmet - sweet and savoury edibles ( small crisps, amajoya sweets, biltong, tumbles & wine gums) @ R180/250ml juice, R200/ 187ml bubbly or wine,

2) Mini Addiction (Amajoya sweets, chocolate toffees, small wine gums, small tumbles and small dried fruit)@ R180/250ml juice, R200/187ml bubbly or wine or

3) Mini Health Treat (Pretzels, biltong, peanuts and raisins, small cashews, energy bar and small dried fruit) @ R200/250ml juice, R220/187ml bubbly or wine

with a sparkling juice or bubbly/wine to delight your colleagues, friends, family or clients.

R 220
Colourful tin with paper flowers filled with 6 x lindor chocolate balls and 6 x ferrero rocher chocolates.

Mini@ R200; Maxi @ R350
Spoil those chocolate lovers with a selection of chocolates in a wicker basket - Mini: Mini Handled basket filled with chocolates incl Amajoya chocolate sweets, chocolate toffees, tumbles, whispers, slab of chocolate and chocolate bar.

Maxi: Spoil those chocolate lovers with a selection of chocolates in a large handled wicker basket including a slab of chocolate, box of chocolates, whispers, tumbles, chocolate toffees, chocolate biscuits, chocolate Amajoya sweets and 2 chocolate bars.

R 150
Contains coffee mug, 2 x small pack of woolworths wafer biscuits, small pack of oreo biscuits, 3 flowers/ferrero rocher chocolates and 3 sachets of coffee (also comes in cappucino/latte - depending on request and availability). UPSIZE: Add 2 extra sachets and 3 flowers/ferrero rocher @ R 200.                

Juice - Midi: (250ml juice) R 300
Juice - Maxi: (750ml with extra edibles) R 420
Bubbly/Red Wine: - Midi (187ml) R 320
Bubbly/Red Wine: - Maxi (750ml with extra edibles) R 470
For the sweet tooth Midi includes : Sweet edibles in a midi basket - Romany creams, Amajoya sweets, chocolate toffees, tumbles, whispers, dried fruit, wine gums, nougat and chocolate bar.

Maxi includes : Sweet edibles in a large basket - Romany creams, Amajoya sweets, chocolate toffees, tumbles, whispers, dried fruit, wine gums, chocolate bar, slab of chocolate, nougat, endearmints and a box of chocolates.

Maxi R480 (substitute with 750ml wine: R530), Midi at R 350 (substitute with 750ml wine: R400)
MIDI - basket for the health conscious incl Healthy edibles with a 750ml sparkling juice, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts and raisins, 50g biltong, 50g snapstix, 1 energy bar, small cashews and small dried fruit;

MAXI - Healthy edibles with a 750ml sparkling juice including a box of savoury biscuits, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts and raisins, large cashews, large dried fruit, nougat, 2 health bars, 50g biltong and 50g snapstix.

Juice - Midi: (250ml) R 300
Juice - Maxi: (750ml with extra edibles) R 420
Bubbly/Wine Midi: (187ml) R 320
Bubbly/Wine Maxi: (750ml with extra edibles) R 470
Savoury and Sweet edibles Midi Basket - Midi wicker basket with a 250ml sparkling juice and sweet and savoury edibles including pretzels, crisps, Amajoya sweets, chocolate toffees, tumbles, peanuts and raisins, dried fruit, wine gums, slab of chocolate and biltong.

Maxi Basket - Savoury and Sweet edibles and 750ml sparkling juice in a maxi Basket - Romany creams, pretzels, crisps, dried fruit, peanuts and raisins, biltong, wine gums, slab of chocolate, Amajoya sweets, nougat, chocolate toffees and tumbles in a
wicker basket

Mini: R240, Maxi: R 480
Mini: Small basket with small diabetic flavoured water, peanuts and raisins, pretzels, biltong, sugar free sweets, small cashews and a sugar free chocolate bar.

Maxi - Maxi basket filled with diabetic biscuits, sweets, sucrose free chocs and savoury snacks incl pretzels, large nuts, large cashews, 50g biltong with a large diabetic flavoured water.

R 750(750ml Juice); R 820(750ml Bubbly/wine)
Large wicker basket filled with large juice, sweet biscuits, salty biscuits, and lots of savoury and sweet snacks incl dried wors, chocolate toffees, slab of chocolate, box of chocolates, nougat, Amajoya sweets, wine gums, pretzels, Pringles, Cashews, biltong, chocolates, nuts & dried fruit big enough for the whole family.

Mini Exclusive
R 250.00 (250ml juice)
R 280.00 (187ml red wine or bubbly)
Mini flat pack basket with small juice/wine/bubbly with woolworths edibles incl crisps, small biltong, chewy chocs, vanilla fudge, dried fruit, peanuts and raisins and nougat

R 450.00 : Juice (750ml)
R 520.00 : Amarula(375ml)/Bubbly(750ml)
Midi flat pack basket with woolworths goodies incl chuckles, winegums, crisps, dried fruit, biltong, pretzels, nuts and raisins, nougat and millionaire bar

R 650.00 : Juice (750ml)
R 720.00 : Bubbly (750ml)
Maxi flat pack basket with woolworths goodies incl pretzels, wine gums, large fruit dainties, biscuits, chuckles, chocolate toffees, nougat, millionaire bar, 50g biltong, large nuts and raisins and large crisps

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From R300
Add a Lindt chocolate slab and a small Sally Williams nougat for an Additional R100.

Quality time/Woolworths products @ R440: Basket with mesh sponge, 500ml body wash, 200ml body butter, soap, 100ml hand cream and ferrero rocher chocolates 3s.

Mini Quality time/O so heavenly @ R300: Handled basket with mesh sponge, 3 ferrero rocher chocs and O so heavenly bath products incl 200ml body wash, 200ml body lotion, hand cream & soap.

R 300/ 750ml sparkling juice or R350/ 750ml bubbly/wine/375ml Amarula
Funky tin filed with 750ml sparkling juice/wine/bubbly, cashews, dried fruit, snack mix, small biltong, peanut brittle and nougat.

R 330 / 750ml non alcoholic juice, R 380/ 750ml bubbly/wine/ 375ml Amarula
Spoil her with Funky tin filled with beverage (as above), small box lindor chocolates, sally Williams nougat small, lindor slab of chocolate and ferrero rocher chocs 3s.

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Mini - R 250.00/ 250ml Juice OR R 280/ 187ml wine or bubbly
Maxi - R 450.00/ 750ml Juice or R 500/ 750ml wine or bubbly - Add a Men's Health Mag for an additional R50
Mini - Includes small Juice/wine/bubbly in a wooden tray with 50g peanuts and raisins, pretzels, 50g biltong, 50g cashews, 50g dried fruit, 50g tropical mix, 50g snack mix and nougat.

Maxi - Includes beverage selected, 100g Cashews, 100g peanuts and raisins, 100g tropical fruit mix, 100g snack mix, fruit roll, Woolworths pretzels, 50g snapstix and 50g sliced biltong in a large wooden tray. Enquire by email if you would like to include a different beverage.

750ML WINE/BUBBLY @ R450; Add icetongs/corkscrew @ an additional R50
Galvanised bucket with option of drink above, pretzels, peanuts and raisins, large cashews, biltong and snapstix. Also available with other beverages email for a quote.

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